Back To Eco

A socialrecicled collection of unique pieces made from valued old jeans We sew with    social and labor insertion located in Barcelona and Tordera. Newly acquired materials are made without animal exploitation. As for recycled materials it is not viable to verify their original production process. Images on the web are references of combination of tones, finishes and usability. When you buy Back To Eco, you participate in a new proposal for online sales of recycled products, where you will never receive an exact combination of the image you see, but a very, very similar model. If receiving your Back To Eco at home is not as you expected, you can return it without problems and we will write to send you a new one that fits your style. Check terms of sale. In Barcelonayou will find Back To Eco in sustainable or artisan stores and in markets once a month. You will find this information in our section Actions If you have ideas / requests for new products, do not hesitate to contact us, we make customized products. Soon introduce new products on the web, stay tuned. Prices include VAT.