X3K / Half body apron
Dark blue


100% recycled denim apron, suitable for use at home or in shops, workshops, etc. A comfortable design and adjustable to any context. Can be customized under demand with a logo or image printed.

With a strip Texas adjustable and made from denim stitching.

With Back To Eco you are participating in an innovative proposal of sales of recycled and sustainable fashion, where each piece is unique. The photographs are references of design and color. If you have any doubts, you want a custom product or you don’t find the product in stock, you can write us to info@backtoeco.com  or come to our store in Pau Claris 91, Barcelona.

> 3 Different Texans
> Adjustable straps recycled from jeans seams
> 2 pocket from jeans

Dark blue

Overall length: 45 cm
Overall width: 70 cm

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