Why does my product look worn?

Back To Eco products are made from valuable old jeans. Despite making a manual selection and exhaustive to avoid excessively damaged materials and risk of breakage, you can find textures, marks, etc. Which are the flagship of the reuse of our products.

Offered Back To Eco guarantee?

Back To Eco products are made from old jeans but designed to last at least three years, but can not offer a guarantee as long as it depends on the use you give it, but if we give you a warranty 1 month. If you purchased your product through the web, we have the record, and just send a mail to confirm if you’re still under warranty. If you purchased your product to market or store, you have to teach tag hanging cardboard wearing product with a code that you know the date of purchase (as of March). By My Eco promises to fix or replace your product with a new one.

If you’re damaged, or damaged, and believe that we can fix it, contact us and we will offer you options depending on the product. Some can fix in our workshop, the workshop where others made and that defines the cost attributable to repair.

What if I do not like the product when I receive it?

If when you receive your product is not as expected, we’ll exchange it for another with the same design but a different pattern or a voucher in euros for investment in some of our products.

Why Back To Eco?

Back To Eco is for us cycling a lifetime. Changed hands of our mothers who took advantage of the old jeans to make any new product, the hands of people at risk of social exclusion. Back To Buying Eco contributes to a worker thread just, and provides positive values the environment and people.